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Nintendo WiiU Review

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:34 am
by l2es-roguesamurai
Here's a review of the new Wii U released in America on friday.
I like the look of this new console, and have one pre ordered for Little Rogue from Santa. Have a read. -

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:08 pm
by l2es-MooK
I wish nintendo success and the console has some interesting points . also the fact people are itching for something new with the current consoles being 7 years old.

Im the biggest nintendo fan ever however i wont be getting one until mario ,zelda and metroid are all released whenever that may be until then i see no point and i guess alot of other feel the same.

The main issues are dreamcast syndrome and a repeat of the current gen possibly happening, Meaning once the PS4 and xbox 720 arrive all the 3rd party support with just vanish from the Wiiu and like the wii it will be relegated to crappy rushed versions of the main games or nothing attall. Then once again the only reason to buy it is the 3 major first party games just like the wii now.

Now dont get me wrong im super excited for a full HD Zelda and metroid but i cant warrant buying a whole dam console until the price is acceptable for that and well they wont be on the console for a while yet anyway.

The PS3 has been superb since i got it 3 years ago sooo many great exclusives and just a great system to use. PS4 is a day one puchase as im sure we will be seeing the likes of uncharted 4 as mega launch titles to give it a real kick start atm the launch games for wii u have been well lackluster at best.

The other thing thats bothering me is the 8 gig and 32 gig storage i mean why hasn't it just got a 120 gig or more hardrive slapped inside it makes no sense there cheap as anything now. Theres no way thats enough space to support the amount of DLC in modern multi platform games. Not to mention fully downloadable games via the E store.Surely thats gonna cause problems it will be a bitch move to people if they suddenly release a 256 gig version in 6 months time that actually fits stuff on it another reason im waiting for a while.

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:20 am
by l2es-roguesamurai
Agree about the storage, it is way too small. I've pre ordered the 32 gig premium, but even that is too small. I think there will be lots of smartphone/tablet style games released for it that you'll be able to play on the controller. A few dozen of these, and a few downloaded games and map packs will soon fill it.
I think there's a Mario game releasing at launch, Super Mario Bros U.
I have faith in the console and Nintendo. The only prob is long term support as you said Mook. When PS4 and Xbox 720 arrive, 3rd party support will take a huge hit. But then, the best games for Wii were done by Nintendo themselves. So fingers crossed.

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:56 am
by l2es-GrIm

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:58 pm
by l2es-MooK
I agree rogue that Nintendos own games are the reason for owning the console however this has one major flaw. Nintendo s first party games have HUGE development cycles often in excess of 4 to 5 years for zelda particularly. Which is just waaaaay to long to support a main console.

This is why the wii was good at such a low price because people saw it as a zelda/mario/metroid machine and nothing more. But because it was so cheap no problem it could just sit their gathering dust until Nintendo pulled the finger out.

We are seeing sony push out great exlusives with 2 year development cycles coupled with full 3rd party support which is a much better structure. Now you could say all that extra time nintendo takes makes for better games but quite frankly no it doesn't. Skyward sword was my least favorite zelda of all time and for allot more reasons than just the controls. They were going in a great direction with twilight princess a much more mature game zelda seemed to be evolving but then they went tits up and went backwards with skyward.

I can only hope they use this jump into the HD world to get back on track and use that extra power to make a truly great zelda . Also we do have super Mario brothers on launch but i don't realy consider that a proper mario title . I know that is the very origin of Mario but i want to see the next full 3d world Mario before i consider getting the WiiU.