BO Mod Tools Beta Official Release

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BO Mod Tools Beta Official Release

Post by l2es-ArmyMan » Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:34 pm

The official black ops mod tools beta has been released. With it is included two mods made by treyarch. One is Hide and Seek mod, and the other is Juggernaut mod. If you interested in downloading the Mod Tools, Just head over to your steam and click on Library, then next to the search bar is a drop down menu, just click on Tools, and then look for Call of Duty Black Ops - Mod Tools (Beta). Then the download will start.

With the release of this mod tool now, means that mods will be able to be placed on Unranked servers and played on them as well. So no longer will i be required to run the mods from my PC.


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