MW4 ?? new cod called ghosts

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MW4 ?? new cod called ghosts

Post by l2es-GrIm » Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:10 pm

so it seems the next cod will not be using the name modern warfare instead it will be (if the rumor is accurate ) titled call of duty: ghosts and interestingly it will be set in the future but due to some major single player plot line even though its in the future you have to use today's weapons so maybe a hint at post apocalyptic

this was all announced by a youtuber and he got the information from a "reliable source" inside activision a source "he would trust with his life" weather this is all true or not is another thing entirely but it certainly is intriguing


heres what den of geek had to say
It's rumour time again folks, this time for Infinity Ward's next Call of Duty, Ghosts...

With an awful lot of rumours about upcoming games being more truth than fiction lately, it's good to take note every one in a while, and this latest rumour is a big one, as it involves Call of Duty. YouTuber, Drift0r, has posted some supposedly leaked information about the next Call of Duty title, which he claims comes from a very trustworthy source.

According to this information, the next Call of Duty will be revealed in May, and will be titled Call of Duty: Ghosts, dropping IW's Modern Warfare moniker, and it's going to take place in the future, much like Black Ops II. Whether the name is in relation to Modern Warfare's character, Ghost isn't known.

Despite the future setting, however, due to some form of major plot event, weapons used will be those from present day, rather than futuristic models. It's not clear why this is, but it's going to be part of the story.

Multiplayer will get some improvements, including new moves such as the ability to roll side to side when prone, and lean around corners, and you'll be able to interact during map loading, performing such actions as breaching windows after repelling from a chopper, or sneaking into the mission area.

In a bid to emulate competitor, Battlefield, the dev team are also looking to introduce more destructible environments, most likely in single player, and multiplayer will incorporate traps and other interactive elements.

Also, the popular Spec Ops mode is, apparently, going to be reworked into something new, but no information about this was leaked.

Lastly, and if true, is perhaps the most surprising news that it's been said that the game is only slated for next gen platforms, including the next Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PC. This is surprising as Call of Duty is a guaranteed seller, and ruling out current gen platforms will mean Activision is ditching a huge potential market, especially as the new consoles will only arrive this year.

To be honest, I can't really see Activision cutting out such a profitable avenue, and there's a good chance that the game will release on current platforms too. Of course, at this point, all of the above is just rumour, but with the Modern Warfare story being pretty much wound up in MW3, it would make much more sense for IW to do something different.

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Post by l2es-roguesamurai » Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:18 am

FFS, can they get any more out of it.
I've not been COD's biggest fan for a while. MW1 was good, W@W was ace, BO is good. I surprise myself by still playing BO now, even though at the time I wasn't too impressed with it.
But this is getting ridiculous. They did the modern setting, then did the ww2 setting, then re-did the modern setting with a diff story, then did a new modern setting and a new story. Then did a slightly in the future story with slightly in the future weapons. Then did a future setting with future weapons. Now we're gonna have a future setting but with modern weapons and a new story. Holy shit !!!!

It will def not be a next gen only game, thats 100% wrong. It sells zillions on the 360 and ps3, there's no way they're gonna lose that money to a few thousand next gen consoles. Also, these next gen players aren't gonna be happy. They've just bought brand new consoles with 'state of the art' hardware. They've seen the demo's of what can be done with their newly bought consoles, Unreal 4 for example, aswell as the demo's Sony showed at its unveiling. Then along comes the new COD Future Modern Ghost Warfare, and, oh deer, it looks exactly the same 8O
Many will still enjoy the 'fun factor' of COD, which arguably no other fps has been able to better, but how long will this last. Rogue jnr has played all the COD's since MW, he's spent thousands of hrs on them. I took him at 12 midnight to queue at the Game shop for BO2. He played it for a few weeks, then realised it's the same game he's spent 1000's of hrs on already. He traded it in. He's your typical console kid, and even he is sick to death of it !!

I don't think I'll be buying it :wink:

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Post by l2es-MooK » Tue Mar 26, 2013 12:42 pm

I allways wanted a REAL future cod you know like plasma guns and laser beams lol. but with the same super tight hardcore gameplay. Still ofcourse it will be the sme stuff,

Im guessing at this point they MUST have a team working on a next gen engine . new gen begins end of this year they have to move forward now i guess this will, likely be the last.

Its never gonna top the likes of uncharted or crisis visually because there focus is on 60 frames and not the very latest state of the art graphics. Ofcourse they can do that alot easier on the PS4 and still have a nice jump in graphics.

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